Tuesday January 24th 2012 – By Summer Wilson


Mekenna and I began working on condition reports for the framed characters hanging in the lower level of the house. We filled out detailed documents on each piece while inspecting and removing any harmful acidic material touching the work.

Carroll O' Connor!
We also placed a piece of non-acidic paper behind each work to further protect it.

It was also important to measure each work and make note of any distinguishing markings or writings found on it that could help give information about what, when, where and how each piece was created.We are also creating lists along with our condition reports that are potential categories each work could fall into. This way, as we go, we get an idea

Beginning Work
of what kind of show could be curated with this work. It has been exciting so far being able to inspect the work up close and begin the process of taking these lost works and turning them into something everyone can enjoy.