Thursday June 7, 2012/Summer Wilson


Today we worked on finishing all of our condition reports. The pieces we had left were concentrated in the upstairs of the house. The work mostly consisted of the artists portraits Redman did in the style of the portrayed artist. I like this collection very much and it has been fun testing my knowledge trying to identify each artist in the painting. We got right to work and powered through each piece until we had finished. Our system for each work entails: examining the art, filling out a full report (including size, medium etc), photographing the art, assigning a number to each one, placing the number on the back of the work as well as the condition report, then placing the report in order in a giant folder we have created. Mekenna also has a master list that she hand writes in order to assign the numbering system to each work. It also helps to have this as a separate form of reference incase there is some confusion. That same evening I will print out all the photographs and attach it to the condition report for visual reference. Now that we have finished all of the reports we can start creating our online database. Neither of us have ever done this before but we are overly confident when it comes to new challenges.