New Interns Begin Work


Last week saw the beginning of the archiving process in regards to the body of Lenn Redman’s work. Summer Wilson and Mekenna Cipres, both students at Benau University will be gaining internship experience as that begin this project.

Summer is a sophomore at Brenau University and is majoring in Museum studies. Recently she has shifted her interest from making art, towards curation and restoration of art. Despite the shift in her primary focus, Summer continues to increase her artistic skills and pursue her passion for sculpture when time allows. Her favorite medium to work with is wire and her work recently won best in 3D design at the Brenau design art show.


Mekenna Cipres is a junior at Brenau University and also in the Museum Studies program. While she enjoys being a member of the volleyball team, her passion is creating and working with art. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge and experience by working with the Redman Collection. Her upcoming goals include a career in art curation.