Monday June 4th, 2012/ Summer Wilson


After having an exciting first semester working on the Redman project, Mekenna and I took a month off for our summer vacation. She went to California while I went with Brenau’s art department to Italy. There I got inspiration in spades (as you could imagine) and was very excited to get back to the project. Having this time off allowed us to clear our heads and come back fresh and ready to work even harder.

Our first day back we decided to create a master list of what needs to be done. We have found that we both work better this way. First on the list is to finish the condition reports which have been bogging us down for months. Although they have not gotten more fun we have certainly become faster and more efficient when it comes to paperwork. Next on the list is data entry. We will allow ourselves two days to complete this. We basically have to take every report we have on paper and translate it into an online system. This will make it easy to locate the art and keep it organized for future shows and exhibits. We then agreed that tackling the storage closet down stairs should be fourth on the list. This room contains the unknown. We have peaked in there before but have been afraid to explore it further fearing the discovery of more artwork (equaling more paperwork). We do know that this room contains many of the originals from Redman’s books so it is imperative that we get to them soon to evaluate their condition. Lastly we came up with a tentative schedule each week.  Most weeks we plan to work Monday, Wednesday, Friday and stay until the task is completed. With a clear set of goals we are now ready to get down to business.