Lenn Redman Biography

Lenn Redman 1912 (Chicago) – 1987 (Los Angeles)

Also known as Leonard Redman or Len Redman

Caricaturist, Animator, Artist, Author, Poet, Teacher, Illustrator, Entertainer, Civil Rights Activist.

The Early Years

Lenn was born in Chicago Il on December 16, 1912. His parents, Victor Redman and Sarah Brooks Redman immigrated to the United States from Kiev Russia. Victor owned a clothing store on the near north side of Chicago and the family lived nearby on Cornelia Avenue.


Lenn went to Trumbull Elementary and Senn High School in Chicago.  He was a member of the Senn newspaper staff. He entertained his fellow students with his cartoons and caricatures. Lenn was a natural talent and enhanced this artistic abilities by studying at the Chicago Acadamy of Fine Arts and the American Academy of Arts.

From the 1930’s to the 1980’s, Lenn fascinated audiences and entertained masses around the U.S. with his unique and creative impressions. By the time his career ended, Lenn created more than 200,000 caricatures of people from life, as well as thousands of other pieces of art. Few other caricaturists have created the quantity or quality Lenn produced. He is truly a legend in the field.