July 8th-14th/ Summer Wilson


This week we met with our Professor, Mary Beth Looney and Melissa Morgan the new gallery director for Brenau. They were able to come to Mark’s house and check in on the progress we have made. It was very rewarding, after months of working on our own, we finally got to share it with someone else. We felt it was a great opportunity for everyone to get on the same page and nail down the next steps for this project. Neither Mary Beth nor Melissa had met Mark before so we were excited for this to happen.  After a good afternoon of personal, professional and hypothetical talk we then sat down with the Mary Beth and Melissa and began focusing on what needs to happen now.  Melissa advised us to  focus on PR, select pieces to be photographed and start measuring the gallery space. Having specific goals in mind, Mekenna and I got to work. We researched Press releases and spent a few afternoons honing in on the focus of our show. What do we want to achieve? What do we want to tell the world about Lenn Redman?  We started by talking it out and co-writing the PR piece but then decided to sit side by side and write out our own. This proved to be more successful because once the drafts were complete we could simply combine the best parts. We then sent our rough draft to Mary Beth for some feedback.