July 22nd-28th / Summer Wilson


Now that we have the work photographed we can move on the the next step. Mekenna and I arrived at Mark’s house this week ready to select work to be framed. We measured both gallery spaces last week so we have an idea of how much work it will take to fill the rooms.  As we sifted through all the art in the basement we began placing the work on two guest beds down stairs. Before long the beds had disappeared and were nothing but piles of artwork. We stood there for a few minutes in horror as we realized we now had to tell Mark we recommend framing all of it for the show. Finally I bit the bullet and went to get him. Instructing him to take a deep breath, Mark came around the corner. He first responded with shock and disbelief, Mekenna and I looked at each other and started to back petal….”uh well maybe not all of these…umm” before we could finish our thought Mark perked right up and said “well if it needs to be framed lets do it!!” I continue to be impressed with his pleasant attitude and excitement for this project. Nothing seems to phase him for more than a few minutes. He started grabbing boxes to help us pack it all up and said “sooo…. do you guys have plans right now? I think we should take this to the framers and then I would like to treat you to dinner!” We were ready to go in minutes and we soon found ourselves unloading the work in front of a bewildered local framer. He had been told we were bringing him work but had no clue how much. We then picked out the glass, matt, and frames using 3 standard sizes for all of them.  We then made lists of all the work we left with him, shook his hand and headed to dinner. We went to a local tavern that night for dinner. It gave us a great chance to learn more about Mark and get ideas for marketing the show to the Gainesville community. Mark said he knew some very prominent women and thought it would be wise to have a lunch with them to discuss marketing.

On friday we had a lunch meeting with Melissa, Mary Beth, Mark, Mekenna and the three  women Mark wanted us to meet. We discussed the show and how we were planning to promote it to our Brenau mailing list. The women also offered their contacts and would help any way they could. By the end of the lunch we had a clear idea of how to market the show and an appointment with a writer and the Gainesville times on tuesday. Mekenna and I were both invited to the meeting and couldn’t wait to get a glimpse into yet another aspect of the art world.