July 1st-7th / Summer Wilson


After having more work unearthed, Mekenna and I felt like we were back at square one. The closet we have feared for months has finally been opened and out poured boxes of Redman art needing immediate attention. We started sifting though the new boxes trying to separate art, sketches and artifacts. We quickly made it through the stacks and set out to finish the condition reports without letting it bog us down.  Later in the week we were able to finish up all the little details. We used some down time to double check our work and make sure nothing had fallen through the cracks.  This included making sure each piece had a number, photograph and condition report that was fully complete. We then updated the database with the new works. Once we felt back on solid ground and had tackled the dreaded closet we then began digging through some artifacts. We wanted to start getting an idea of what we might use in the show along with the art. I also got a great chance to talk to our Professor on the phone and let her know where we are and get an idea of what is next for the project. We are definitely at a turning point and now it’s about to get real….like really real! We then made plans to have our professor and possibly the new gallery director over to access our progress and guide us to the next step of our project.