July 15th-21st/ Summer Wilson


This week we felt at the top of our game! With the basement work out of the way we began really getting things going.  As a little treat for ourselves Mekenna and I made and appointment with Larry Shutts at The Atlanta conservation center. Both of us are interested in pursuing careers in restoration or conservation so we felt like kids on Christmas morning. We arrived on Tuesday at 10:30 and Larry was gracious enough to show us around. He also let us bring several works from the Redman collection for evaluation. We spent the whole morning picking his brain and observing the kind of work they do in the center. We were then advised about solutions for the artwork but were told it was overall in good condition.  Once we knew the condition of the work, we felt confident enough to move forward with the professional photographs and framing process.

Friday we were able to make an appointment with Tom Askew. He is a teacher at Brenau and a professional photographer in Gainesville. He welcomed us in with a car load of artwork.  Tom was extremely kind, even when he found out we had no clue who was going to pay him or if he would get paid. He still offered to go ahead and shoot the work and figure money later. By that evening he had already edited the photos and provided it to us on a disk.