February 6th 2011 Mekenna Cipres Journal Entry


Summer and I are taking first priority in assuring the well being of his collection. We found many of the pieces in the state of being wrapped in acidic materials such as newspaper and cardboard boxes. We also found a few pieces with mold and had to immediately isolate them. We have started out by working with the collection of charactitures. There are numerous possibilities regarding the diversity of future shows. They fulfill numerous categories, and a lot of them even are very unified in genre. The biggest challenge so far has been not having a deep knowledge of what to do in every situation we encounter. It is a learning process and every day we are growing and learning to do what is best for each piece.


At this point we are condition reporting each piece, so far there has been only one piece that is in serious jeopardy. The common treatment that we have been giving each piece is removing all matting, matting, and tape that is acidic. After that we interlaced and placed each of them in their original frames. We hope to find more suitable frames and matting for the pieces later in the process.