Early Career (1933-1939)

1933 Chicago ‘Century of Progress’ World’s Fair

Lenn Century of Progress ID

Lenn began his long, fruitful career as a caricaturist at age 21 when the 1933 ‘Century of Progress’, Chicago’s own Worlds Fair, drew him to the Artist Colony, a stage for him to display his talent. His work was very popular and he gained huge recognition.

The Animation Industry begins in LA….. the early years

It’s no surprise that Lenn’s extraordinary skills led him to the field of Animation. In the 1930’s, Lenn traveled to Los Angeles where he and fellow animators worked on such legendary works as Fantasia for Walt Disney and Porky Pig for Leon Schlessinger.             

1939 New York World’s Fair 

Lenn in studio

Lenn enjoyed the 1933 World’s Fair so much that he leaves LA and travels to New York to again set up shop drawing caricatures in the artist colony at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.



Lenn taught at The Art Institute of Chicago and other schools throughout the United States.