August 29th-4th / Summer Wilson


Our meeting this week at the Times went very well. Mekenna and I were nervous but excited. We were not sure what to expect but when we arrived a very pleasant man named Mitch met us out front and ushered us back to a conference room. It was a slow afternoon because it was voting day so he allowed us plenty of time to sit and talk about our project. Mark started out by explaining how this work was uncovered and what steps he took to start this journey. He then turned it over to us and Mekenna and I were able to talk about our experience and how wonderful and educational this project has been. I felt we both did a good job of speaking clearly and intelligently about our role in the project and we certainly gave them plenty of angles for a story. After flooding Mitch’s brain with a crazy amount of information it was time to leave and let it sink it.

On friday Mekenna came over to my apartment to work on the layout for the show. Our goal was to figure out all the dates and arrange the work for our timeline. We thought it would be a nightmare of a project but really all of our months of prep made it simple. Even without dates on the work we were able to pin down a general time. We decided that we had a clear enough idea and it would really depend on the hanging process now. We are anxious to get the work in the gallery so we can start arranging it how we want.  We also wrote down what artifacts we want to use in the show. We now have another meeting set up with Mary Beth this monday. We are meeting to talk about the lay out and are looking forward to touching base again. Hopefully by next week we can start moving some of the work to the gallery space and get all artifacts ready as well.