"The Most Prolific American Caricaturist of the 20th Century"

Artist, Caricaturist, Animator, Author, Entertainer, Educator, Poet and Civil Rights Activist

Do you have a ‘Lenn Redman’?

Lenn produced over 200,000 caricatures and other works of art during his 50+ years as a professional artist.


Most pieces hang in the homes of his clients throughout the world. If you have a piece of Lenn’s art or a story about Lenn, we hope you’ll share it. We’ll be collecting as many images and stories as we can and sharing them with you.

Mark Victor Publishing

What Am I?’ – A Two Book Collection Expounding the Virtue and Beauty of Human Diversity  Written, Illustrated and Designed by Lenn Redman

What Am I? 2 Book Packet
Overcome national and ethnic prejudice is the theme of Lenn Redman’s Poem, ‘What Am I?’ The book was designed as an artistic keepsake for adults. It’s cover and seven of its pages, separated by transparent sheets, are in full color. The Coloring Book is an explanatoryh work book for parents and teachers to help guide children through this very important subject.

‘How To Draw Caricatures’  by Lenn Redman

How To Draw Caricatures
This is the first book devoted entirely to teaching the art of caricature. It’s a unique combination of art, instruction, personal commentary and caricature history. Whether you intend to liven up the next family dinner with a hilarious caricature or you are seriously considering a profession as a caricaturist, this comprehensive book is for you!

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